PowerPoints-July 2017 Quarterly Meeting

1. Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
Bed Bugs Tribal Great Lakes Indian Housing Baumgartner EPA R5 short 7-26-17
DTS External Overview Master 071817 NO NOTES
EPA and IHS Interagency Agreement Powerpoint for GLIHA Draft 3
GLIHA Presentation 072017
LUCA Promo Presentation 071117 508_Compliant 072417
Setion 504 Presentation to GLIHA (2017) FINAL

PowerPoints-November 2016 Quarterly Meeting

Power Point Presentation Great Lakes Indian Housing Association
NADL Training
Great Lakes Indian Housing Association Nov-2016
GLIHA Presentation Nov-21-2016
CICD-NHO Initiative Presentation Nov-2016
GLIHA HR OD in Indian Country- A Crash Course
Benchmark Questionnaire
Comp Compliance
Housing Manager Sample PD
Training and Organizational Development Evaluation Form

Online References for ONAP Self-Monitoring and Evaluation

Grants Evaluation Guidebook, October 2015: 88 Pages

Self-Monitoring Guidebook, October 2013: 177 Pages

List of ONAP Monitoring and Compliance Plans:

List of OMB Circulars, etc. replaced by 2 CFR Part 200 effective December 19, 2014

2 CFR Part 200 webcast and FAQs:

HUD Notice SD 2015-01, 2 CFR Part 200 Regulations

Self-Monitoring Plans in Word version