Date/Location Description
Creative Tribal Youth Development Programs (National Indian Justice Center) March 5-7
Anaheim, CA
Creative Youth Development (CYD) integrates arts, sciences, cultures and humanities with youth development principles, sparking youth creativity & building critical learning & life skills that carry into adulthood. This training session provides information about how CIMCC and TYA are working to foster Native perspectives and practices in the CYD field. It examines the CYD approach, the program benefits for tribal youth, & opportunities & means to implement CYD programs in tribal communities to fit the specific needs of tribal youth. This training session is designed for tribal leadership, tribal government personnel, tribal educators, tribal youth program personnel, tribal justice personnel, and others concerned with the positive development of tribal youth. Click here for Registration Flyer
Recent Impacts on Tribal Sovereignty & Sovereign Immunity


March 5-7
Anaheim, CA
Recent Impacts on Tribal Sovereignty & Sovereign Immunity.  Tribal sovereign immunity is a key aspect of tribal sovereignty. Tribal sovereign immunity has been challenged in recent federal court cases. This training provides information on federal statutes, such as the Tribal Law and Order Act (TLOA) and the Violence Against Women Act Amendments (VAWA), impacting tribal sovereignty as well as federal case law challenging tribal sovereignty and tribal sovereign immunity.
Pathways Home (HUD/ONAP) March 19-23
Sacramento, CA
FREE training. Save the Date and visit for more info. and to Register.
Credit Counseling Training (HUD/ONAP) March 27-28
Port Angeles, WA
This FREE 2-day credit counseling training includes tools, resources, and exercises to prepare all attendees in how to provide the basics of credit counseling. This training prepares participants to offer credit counseling and education to inform tribal members how credit can affect their lives and aid them in achieving their financial objectives. Credit Counseling is important because it can help: improve credit; increase the chances of getting a mortgage; identify ways to reduce the interest rate on loans; in renting an apartment; and potentially reduce the security deposit amount. The training will cover the following areas:

• Financial principles that include net worth, cash flow, identity theft and consumer protection laws

• How to identify and modify ineffective money management behaviors including overcoming financial debt, budgeting debt, and bankruptcy

• Developing successful strategies for achieving financial goals

• Understanding loans and homeownership, including banking, lending, and mortgage ratios

• How to support and counsel tribal members as they address financial challenges and opportunities

• The impact credit has on individuals and families; the importance of reviewing credit reports annually; and, tips on how to establish credit. REGISTER NOW!

Leveraged Funding, Title VI and Section 184 April 10-12
Phoenix, AZ
FRE HUD/ONAP Training. Save the Date and watch for more info. soon. Visit
Procurement & Contract Management for Tribes/TDHEs April 25-26
Sacramento, CA
FREE HUD/ONAP training. Learn the essentials of Procurement Principles, Methods, and Regulations for your Indian Housing and Community Development projects. Topics include Indian Preference, Price & Cost Analysis, Bid Process, Contract Management tools and tips, and much more. Register at:
Tribal Housing Maintenance (HUD/ONAP) May 15-16
Reno, NV
FREE HUD/ONAP training. Learn tips, tools and best practices for maintenance of tribal housing units. More info. coming soon. Visit
Indian Housing Plan/Annual Performance Report Training (HUD/ONAP) May 16-17
Phoenix, AZ
FREE HUD/ONAP training. Save the Date. Learn about compiling and submitting HUD’s required reports for Indian Housing Block Grant recipients. Workshop will include overview of new EPIC on-line system. Registration details and more info. to come soon.
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