Date/Location Description
NAIHC Legal Symposium Dec. 3-5
Las Vegas, NV
Join your colleagues at NAIHC’s premier housing and legal symposium for professionals from across the country working to address the availability and access to affordable housing for Native American families. More info. at
Cultures Under Water: Climate Impacts on Tribal Cultural Heritage Dec. 6-8
Tempe, AZ
Cultures Under Water: Climate Impacts on Tribal Cultural Heritage
2017 National Brownfields Training Conference Dec. 5-7
Pittsburg, PA
The 2017 National Brownfields Training Conference is the premier brownfields and land revitalization event. Attendees will enjoy opportunities to participate in training events, observe success stories first hand during mobile workshops, listen to experts regarding best practices for meeting brownfields challenges, and network with thousands of other stakeholders. For more info., visit . Register Here. Review the conference programming here.
● Tribal Constitutions, Tribal Codes & Federal Limitations

● Sacred Sites, NAGPRA & Project Monitoring

Dec. 13-15
Las Vegas, NV
The National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) conducts two separate training sessions. Find training session announcements and registration forms at

· Tribal Constitutions, Tribal Codes & Federal Limitations

· Sacred Sites, NAGPRA and Project Monitoring

Dates and training topics are subject to change. Visit our website at or call (707) 579-5507 to verify training dates and topics.

Albuquerque, NM
FREE. If you’ve ever left a NAHASDA training saying, “Wait! I’ve got more questions!”—this training is for you. To dig in deeper, Intermediate NAHASDA will skip lightly over the history of Indian Housing. Trainers will use detailed case studies to illustrate how NAHASDA is applied in real world tribal housing situations. Areas discussed to include eligible activities, eligible families, useful life, audits and records retention, inspections and admissions, relocation, and Indian Preference. Participants will leave the session with increased ability to take rules and regulations and use these to create and run more effective and compliant housing programs. Please note: Training materials will be provided on USB thumb drives. Participant binders will not be available. Participants may consider bringing a device, such as a laptop, that has a USB port.

TRAINING REGISTRATION: Registration for this training is FREE. Registration is available online at Tribes may utilize IHBG funds to cover travel-related expenses for this workshop. More info at:

Strategic Planning for Waste Diversion (ITEP) Jan. 23-25
Reno, NV
This new course for tribal solid waste professionals – Strategic Planning for Waste Diversion, features two outstanding instructors with many years of experience running tribal environmental programs – Ondrea Barber and Virginia LeClere. In addition to lectures and small group work, attendees will also visit several recycling centers at the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California. Register by December 4 on the ITEP training website at:
Tribal Housing Admissions & Occupancy (HUD/ONAP) Feb. 7-8
Oklahoma City, OK
FREE course covers Admissions and Occupancy program management including the application & selection process, eligibility for housing assistance, calculating annual income, determining monthly rental or homeownership payments, occupancy standards, collections practices & compliance, effective communication techniques with residents, lease agreement compliance, and collections. Participants should bring copies of their own Admissions and Occupancy policies so that they can practice applying them to case studies and role playing exercises. Course also examines how maintaining high standards in the Admissions and Occupancy program affects the overall management of tribal housing programs. Register at:

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