This list contains the following information: Training/Conference/Event, Date/Location and Description

Competency Based Training for Housing Professionals (NLC)
April 7-8
Hollywood, FL

Competency Based Training Workshop for Housing Professionals: Train the Trainer. To Register:

21st Annual National Tribal Forum on Air Quality
May 27-29
Tulsa, OK
The National Tribal Forum on Air Quality (NTFAQ) aims to support tribal programs by fostering information-sharing and networking opportunities that build tribal capacity in air quality management. The NTFAQ provides environmental professionals from tribes, EPA, and other organizations an opportunity to meet and discuss current regulatory initiatives and technical info., and share practical knowledge relevant to tribal programs.  For more info., visit

Indian Housing Plan/Annual Performance Reports (HUD/SWONAP)
June 2-4
Phoenix, AZ
FREE TRAINING!  Save the date and watch for more details at

Tribal Housing Admissions & Occupancy (HUD/ONAP)
June 16-18
Reno, NV
FREE TRAINING!   Housing Admissions and Occupancy responsibilities are at the heart of the rental housing program. Often occupancy specialists are the face of housing to many residents. Participants will learn how Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA) policies and program requirements impact the Admissions and Occupancy (A&O) process. Tribal Housing Board and management can learn more about developing and applying tribal policies and procedures that are clear, support staff, and promote equitable and compliant programs. Participants at this 3-day interactive training will receive instruction based on real-life examples on how to successfully operate an effective A&O program. As a part of the training, participants will receive guidance on and take part in interactive exercises on the “A-to-Z” of A&O program. Training topics include eligibility, wait lists, rent calculations, collections, inspections, and lease compliance. Discussions will be held on how Admissions and Occupancy staff may need to collaborate with maintenance on tasks such as work-order processing, unit turnaround, and tenant education on the basic maintenance of the unit. To Register, visit

Internal Controls for Tribal Programs (NLC)
June 17-18
Hollywood, FL
Internal Controls for Tribal Programs.  Register at:

National Tribal & Indigenous Climate Conference (NTICC)
Aug. 31-Sept. 4
Location: TBA
The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) hosts the US’ First Annual National Tribal and Indigenous Climate Conference (NTICC) along with support from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Tribal Resilience Program. The NTICC is open to all US tribal nations & Indigenous Peoples from throughout the world, with an emphasis on including our Elders & Youth. The NTICC will convene experts on climate change which will include a balance of Western Science & Traditional Indigenous Knowledges.  Topic areas will address impacts, assessments, adaptation, mitigation, implementation, and solutions.  For more info., contact ITEP Conferences at 928/523-9555 or