Powerpoints-November 2019 Quarterly MeetingĀ 

  1. Zoe Lebeau: GLIHA-Zoe (1)
  2. Rick Smith: GLIHA Presentation – Rick
  3. Shane Begay: GLIHA Presentation
  4. Chris Collins: Tribal Housing Association Presentation
  5. Ben Shockey: GLIHA Presentation – Ben
  6. Casey Crump:
    a)Guidance for cleanup of homes where Methamphetamine has
    c)California Children Exposure Analysis 022709
    d)nihms-1504172 (2)
  7. Bob Gauthier:
    a)Great Lakes PPT 11 19
    b)NPM – HEARTH Act 19
    c)SAMPLE-Checklist Hearth Condensed Residential Business Regs 2014.04.30
  8. Elton Jones: GLIHA Presentation – Elton
  9. Sol KIm: Indian and Tribal Preference for Mixed Finance Projects on Non-Indian Land
  10. Ashley Hess: GLIHA Presentation for Indigenous Pact_CLEAN (1)

PowerPoints-August 2018 Quarterly Meeting

2018 – GLIHA LIHTC Training (2)
Baraboo Great Lakes Indian Housing Meeting
Great Lakes Indian Housing Association August 2018
Protecting Tribal Elder Housing Rights powerpt

PowerPoints-May 2018 Quarterly Meeting

2018.05.02 GLIHA Presentation on Sec 504
Creating Affordable and Sustainable Homes 4-30-18
GLIHA Revovery Act Projects(kf3)

PowerPoints-November 2017 Quarterly Meeting

ACI – Tribes Bringing Tribes Broadband 112817
Great Lakes Indian Housing Association Mtg CICD Final
Non-Targeted HUD Housing Resources
Opioid Awareness Great Lakes Indian Housing Association 11 26 2017 (1)

PowerPoints-July 2017 Quarterly Meeting

Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
Bed Bugs Tribal Great Lakes Indian Housing Baumgartner EPA R5 short 7-26-17
DTS External Overview Master 071817 NO NOTES
EPA and IHS Interagency Agreement Powerpoint for GLIHA Draft 3
LUCA Promo Presentation 071117 508_Compliant 072417
Setion 504 Presentation to GLIHA (2017) FINAL

PowerPoints-November 2016 Quarterly Meeting

Power Point Presentation Great Lakes Indian Housing Association
NADL Training
Great Lakes Indian Housing Association Nov-2016
CICD-NHO Initiative Presentation Nov-2016
GLIHA HR OD in Indian Country- A Crash Course
Benchmark Questionnaire
Comp Compliance
Housing Manager Sample PD
Training and Organizational Development Evaluation Form